Enter the Void (2009)

Last night I started watching Gaspar Noe’s very ambitious, very lengthy, very WTF masterpiece, Enter the Void. My media shaman had described this film to me a couple of times, but I wasn’t really that jazzed about giving up a whole night to what was clearly an ART FILM. This is not because I am wont to automatically reject the precious cultural totems of the desperately pretentious…well, that’s a lie, I’m totally wont. But movies are different. Movies are one of those things that allow you to feel alone and unique and maybe godlike during the consuming experience. Like a great painting, a filmic work of art is created by two people – the artist and the viewer, who is also an artist. Noe puts visuals and sound and text and bodies through a lens, onto my screen, and I slurp them through my lens, and I assign meaning. Enter the Void is particularly cool because Noe has such a nuanced understanding of this process. It’s brilliant so far; it’s 1000 volts of brand new beautiful vision.

This is a really silly post, because I’ve literally only seen the first half an hour. I mean, I know how the rest of the film proceeds because I compulsively raked my eyes over every inch of the Wiki article this morning. I’ll probably watch the rest when I’ve got a boring rainy evening on my hands.

But for now I feel I must share with you this scene, which works on those two levels I mentioned. It’s a very subjective vision, a cacophony of colors and fractals so specific that I don’t doubt Noe’s previous experience with all kinds of kooky psychedelics. But on the other hand, if you allow your eyes to receive rather than consciously perceive…this will lead you down to a very quiet mind-basement. And it’s a scary and beautiful thing. Be entranced:

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