It Begins: Homeland

It’s Christmas and I’ve been left to my own devices for two whole days. It does boggle the mind that I am in LA and yet there are no other Jews in a convenient radius. Anyway, between bouts of cleaning, reading, Skyping, DVD yoga workouts which got boring halfway through, and tweeting my existential despair, I started watching Homeland. Good for me, mustering the bare minimum of motivation, ushering a new show into my crowded menagerie of media obsessions.

HOMELAND brody damien lewis

I’m only on episode 2, but DAMNNNNNN Damian Lewis is amazing. Dare I say amazeballs. Who knew a ginger in uniform could look so dashing? Claire Danes isn’t my favie but I’m willing to give her the B of the D because everyone seems to be soiling themselves with excitement over her acting in this show. I’m not a very politically-minded person, but I do love a tight psychological thriller. Enjoying Homeland reminds me of something A.O. Scott said: “In the hands of great filmmakers, genre can be a bridge between familiar narrative structures and new insights about how people interact and behave.” In getting sucked into a meaty mystery, perhaps I will learn something new about current events and the international climate; as soon as a real situation gets fictionalized, my investment in it tends to go from zero to sixty.

Also, Mandy Patinkin.


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