New Years Resolutions

It’s 2013, an unlucky year, so I take that as God’s permission to stay indoors and avoid all danger (including UV rays and other people).

Here’s what I’ll do instead.

Monday 1/7
(Watched already, TOO GOOD! Prepared myself for country boy dating pornstar woman of his dreams, instead got country boy with crushed spirit and an emotionless butterface stalker. #youjustgotcatfished)

Wednesday 1/9
Washington Heights

Thursday 1/10
The Office

Sunday 1/13
(Note: the second season looks eye-rollish, please prove me wrong, Lena my doppelganger).

Thursday 1/24
(I hate myself.)
Project Runway

Tuesday 2/5
(I still hate myself.)

Sunday 2/10
The Walking Dead

Sunday 3/31
Game of Thrones
(Reading the books right now because I’m hungry like the direwolf).

Premiere TBD
America’s Next Top Model
Mad Men
Breaking Bad
Boardwalk Empire
True Blood

Then there’s those I haven’t seen yet, listed in rough order of interest.

Start & binge:
Eli Stone
X-Files (that’s right, the entirety, bitch)
Downton Abbey
White Collar
The State
Don’t Trust the B___ in Apartment 23
Happy Endings

Resume & binge:
Modern Family
30 Rock
The Wire
(Not really necessary but I just want to see some Dex/Deb incesty action, is that so wrong? Don’t answer that).

Great! Now I have a concrete calendar! Now I just have to allot some room for work, meals, showers, other necessary annoyances. Get a gym membership. Date people, repeat mantra about plenty of fish in the sea, sink to bottom of ocean where none of the loserfish will find me. Write more, do more, love more, be more. The usual. Happy New Year!

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