Coming* Soon: Lovelace!

*See what I did there? PUNOGRAPHIC!

Release: August 2013

Things I love: the 1970s. Character actors. Backdoor feminism. Biopics. Seminal moments in porn history. LOL. Seminal.

Who else is glad that Lindsay Lohan was dumped from the title role? I must’ve read Linda Lovelace’s Wikipedia entry like a thousand times, and I took this college class on censorship where we all watched Deep Throat and pretended it was for book-larnin’ purposes. I have been so obsessed with this film since I found out it was going to be an actual thing. And it’s really happening! Without Lindsay Lohan! Did you hear that, Boogie Nights? Your legacy shall never die!

Point taken, Rollergirl.

Point taken, Rollergirl.

Amanda Seyfried surprised me in this trailer. She obviously has the chops to play Linda’s wholesome and vulnerable side, but Linda also had a very hard edge. She was impetuous and entitled, and if you read a little bit about her life, you’ll see how quickly her status as porn’s “It Girl” turned on her. Seyfried has a charming brashness here that should temper her doe eyes really well.

It looks like the film is taking a sympathetic view of her whole queen-of-porn and fall-from-grace saga. This I understand for sales purposes, but to be honest, I’d rather see an anti-heroine gradually unmaking herself a la The Wrestler. If this is going to be some victim-pitying bullshit, I’ll be sad. Side note, poor Peter Saarsgard, whose beautiful dead eyes have condemned him to a life of playing domestic abusers.


Saarsgard-eyes aside, the cast seems completely stellar (welcome back, Hank Azaria!) and I have high hopes. I just simply love movies about porn and the mechanics of monetized sex. I hope at least some small part of this film celebrates the ebullient inventiveness of 1970s erotica, not just the icky parts. There’s drugs but there’s also fun and sideburns!

Who else out there is excited for Lovelace? Any other female actresses you would have thought to cast as Linda?

One thought on “Coming* Soon: Lovelace!

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