Hot Meth: Breaking Bad’s Final Season

PRAISE! I know summer’s supposed to be fun and endless and “for the youths” and everything, but for me it can’t go fast enough. Breaking Bad returns this August for its final season of eight exquisite episodes. How do I know they’re going to be so exquiz? Because they always fucking are. That’s the amazing thing about BB. No lulls. No missteps. Pure adrenaline, tight and excruciatingly perfect. I think I’m turning myself on a little.

I’m fan of AMC’s promotional strategy. The last leg of this timeless televisual masterpiece is just gonna be a weeks-long heart attack, and both the short preview clips and the photo gallery communicate that beautifully. Breaking Bad has always been a deceptively simple show, and I like how sparing these photos are. Silences and longing camera stares into the desert have always been used to great effect on the show. Where the characters are so complicated, so morally ambigious, constantly evolving, the cinematography and pacing is slow. Subtle. And we always feel like we’re riding 45 degrees up a rickety roller coaster track, just on the cusp of free fall.

Check out this photo gallery, too! Obsessed with Aaron Paul, as always. Boy has nuanced trauma sweatin’ out his pores.

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