It’s Gonna Be Cray: N*SYNC to Reunite at VMAs!

I have a bit of a loins itch because N*SYNC is reuniting at the MTV Video Music Awards this Sunday. Rumor has it, aka truth has it. THIS IS SO BIG! Heartwarming moment for millenials everywhere!

Man, I totally remember 2002, when Timberlake debuted without the group, and I was like “This is bullshit, the age of the solo artist is OVER and boy bands are the way of the FUTURE!” Then Justin was all narrowed-eyes and “Don’t fear me baby…it’s just Justin,” and that’s when I finally realized what ladyparts are for. You won the battle, Timberlake, and over the next ten years you would also thoroughly win the war.

But I’m always up for a little nostalgia. Welcome back, Backstreet-Boys-with-more-charisma! This I promise you: SHIT IS GONNA GET HOT.

I can’t see them performing my all-time favorite N*SYNC masterpiece, “Pop,” because of course that song has already been sexed, done, and buried. Let’s go back to 2001, a magical time when nothing hurt and the future was full of lace-up jeans and Lunchables…

I scoured the effing Internet for this clip, because Sony was hellbent on protecting their copyright. Too bad, bitches, I was on a mission. Things I’d like you to watch for: JC Chasez’s charming cha-cha at 1:39 and the “surprise guest” at the end of the video. Classic!

Everyone pumped for the VMAs? What song do you think they’re gonna sing? Does Chris Kirkpatrick still look like a rock-alt hobbit? The anticipation, y’all!

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