Rompiendo Malo: Metástasis

Metástasis (2014)
Extended trailer

How cool is this? The Spanish-language remake of Breaking Bad will air on Univision next year, and to my eyes, ¡es perfecto!

Seems like a bit of an Office situation (and never in my life did I think I’d compare BB to The Office). All of those familiar lines and scenes are there. “Wipe down this!” = “¡Lave eso!” The dialogue, tone, and plot may shift in later seasons, but for now, Metástasis appears to be meticulously faithful to the source material. Walter Blanco is so legit. And Latina Skyler can GET IT. Am I right?

If you’re a diehard BB fan, I encourage you to watch this. I’m curious to see how this series will evolve, and how the very American themes of middle-class angst and tortured suburban masculinity will play out in a foreign context. Who knows, I may even watch it myself. ‘Bout time to brush off the old AP Spanish. Only TV would force me to do so, but learning is learning.

What do you think? Thoughts on the new Walter Blanco and Jose Miguel Rosas?

2 thoughts on “Rompiendo Malo: Metástasis

  1. It looks awesome! I used to watch telenovelas to improve my Spanish–I think I’ll like watching this much better.

    I was reading about it somewhere else and they mentioned Skyler’s name in this version is Cielo Blanco–which means White Heaven. I finally get the symbolism of Skyler’s name. Always wondered how she ended up with a sister named Marie. Now I get THAT symbolism, too.

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