Mad Men S6E10 AND Game of Thrones S3E9!

I got no time this week, so I’ll keep the Sunday night recap short and sweet.


Mad Men: A Tale of Two Cities
I am so fucking intrigued by Bob Benson. I’ve been devouring all the Internet theories on who exactly he might be, or what Bob represents in the Mad Men universe of signifiers, but for now I’m content to watch him say “funny cigarettes.” Last night, it hit me, how BRILLIANTLY James Wolk is playing this character. He has this slick reptilian vibe but also some giant, beguilingly innocent eyes. He’s, for lack of better words, a very sexy baby. A total cipher. Is he being taken advantage of by the cynical Jim Cutler? Is he playing Ginsberg and the other creatives? Downloading the Sterling Cooper blueprints into his handsome alien microchip brain? Well played, writers. Bob Benson is the most complicated and obscure puzzle that this show has seen in a long time.


Game of Thrones: The Rains of Castamere
It’s a nice day for a…Red Wedding. It’s a nice day to start again. Without the most boring characters.
Peace out, King Robb The Dull! That’s what ya get for marrying Chaplin spawn and screwing over Argus Filch. He’s going to go all Mrs. Norris on your ass. All that bloodshed was shocking and sad, but I am secretly glad to be rid of ALL those storylines. Make some room for the witty hotties, yo! I’m looking at you, Tyrion. I’ll give you the Hand of the King, if ya know what I mean. I digress. Mourning period for all the dead Starks. Right. Sorry.